And we’re live!

18 December 2017

As promised – our revamped site is now live!

To access your member benefits make sure you click ‘login’ and add your details (the ones you used to enter into the institutions' site). This means you’ll be able to get into the manual and forum without logging in further, bookmark pages, view recent downloads and what you’ve looked at recently.  As well as members’ only resources and pages.

You can look at all pages in the website in this view, so you don’t need to log out again. Make sure you only link students to the public pages though! (Members’ only ones have a little padlock so you’ll be able to tell easily.)

Some changes you'll notice:

Our resource bank now features each of our grants research and pilot projects individually so it is really easy to search for relevant information. Eg search for mental health and you'll see recent research and projects 

Members’ only view
When you’re logged in as a member you’ll be able to see all of the information that is on our public site, as well as extra content. This includes locked resources, board reports, news as well as personalised information like pages you've recently viewed and forum posts you've made

We’ve worked hard improving our search function after feedback from you all

Pop up panels

While the info and advice section largely looks the same, you’ll see we’ve removed all pop up panels following your feedback

Take a look around and please share any comments with us. If you’d like to take part in a focus group in February then please send an email to

Look forward to your feedback!