Updated site launching shortly!

14 December 2017


As you’re hopefully all aware, we’ve been busy amalgamating our two sites over the past few months. Rather than having a students’ site and a site for institutions, we will shortly be launching our public site.  It will look largely similar to the current ukcisa.org.uk but will have information like our work in policy, research and our resources all in the same place.


This public site has a view for you to log into and see members’ only content, resources, pages you’ve bookmarked, forum posts you’ve made and quick links to the manual.

We’ll be doing further testing on this early next year (which is why we’re launching it in ‘beta’ mode - we'll be updating further following your comments) so please do share any feedback or questions with us.

Some changes you'll notice:


Our resource bank now features each of our grants research and pilot projects individually so it is really easy to search for relevant information. Eg search for mental health and you'll see recent research and projects 

Members’ only view
When you’re logged in as a member you’ll be able to see all of the information that is on our public site, as well as extra content. This includes locked resources, board reports, news as well as personalised information like pages you've recently viewed and forum posts you've made

We’ve worked hard improving our search function after feedback from you all

Pop up panels
While the info and advice section largely looks the same, you’ll see we’ve removed all pop up panels following your feedback

So keep your eyes peeled as we’ll start to go live towards the end of Friday 15th. The new site should be in place by early Monday 18th. We’re not anticipating any down time of the site over the weekend and the Manual will not be affected.

Do let us know any comments, and if you’d like to take part in a focus group at our office in early February please express an interest to jane@ukcisa.org.uk