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6 April changes to the Immigration Rules

On 11 March the Home Office announced a number of changes to the Immigration Rules which take effect from 6 April 2016. Read our summary of the changes that will affect students.
16/03/2016 15:52:00

Concession for Syrian nationals extended

Concession for Syrian nationals applying for leave in the UK extended to 28 February 2017
02/03/2016 16:29:00

Living cost support changes for EU nationals

2016/17 changes to eligibility for living cost support for non-UK EU nationals from Student Finance England
02/03/2016 10:56:00

Government response to Select Committee report on Tier 2

Government responds to Home Affairs Select Committee report on immigration and skills shortages
02/03/2016 10:01:00

Summary of Tier 4 developments

New summary of Tier 4, past, present and future
01/03/2016 12:49:00

New immigration fees from 18 March 2016

Increased application fees will apply to applications made on or after 18 March 2016.
26/02/2016 17:23:00

Tier 4 application form and new application method

The Home Office have stopped access to the old Tier 4 application form used in the UK
26/02/2016 16:00:00

BBC reports that LSBF students have demanded refunds

BBC News has reported that international students have asked the London School of Business and Finance for their money back.
22/02/2016 13:25:00

Share your feedback about our new students' site

Our new students' site has now launched. Please fill in our short survey and tell us what you think of it!
18/02/2016 12:30:00

Scotland fees and Student Support for Syrian nationals

Regulations make new fees and Student Support provision in Scotland for Syrians, and family, from 2016/17
11/02/2016 11:10:00

Warning: work visa scams

Warning following recent reports of scams involving bogus work visas
09/02/2016 16:42:00

Immigration health charge changes from 6 April 2016

Exemption from health charge removed for Australians and New Zealanders from 6 April; Youth Mobility pay less
08/02/2016 10:35:00

New report shows benefits of student mobility

UK Higher Education International Unit’s report shows benefits of student mobility, including higher average salaries and increased likelihood of achieving a First Class or Upper Second Class degree.
05/02/2016 14:46:00

England FE fees: new SFA funding rules 2016/17

SFA publish new funding rules for 2016/17. UKCISA looking at changes. SFA hosting online forum until 12 Feb.
01/02/2016 16:39:00

New Tier 4 application form for use in the UK

New application form from 28 January 2016
21/01/2016 16:42:00

UKCISA concerned at impact on international students (and academic institutions) of MAC report

Our commentary on the Migration Advisory Committee's latest Report.
20/01/2016 13:59:00

BIS 'Tigere' consultation - UKCISA's response

UKCISA has responded to BIS's consultation on new Student Support regulations for those who have a long residential connection with the UK (the 'Tigere' case).
14/01/2016 14:26:00

UKCISA training programme January & February 2016

Places are still available on various training courses this month and in February.
06/01/2016 11:30:00

Home Affairs Committee report on skill shortages

Committee report recommends reducing barriers to high skilled employment for international student graduates
22/12/2015 14:46:00

Advice Line closures over Christmas & New Year

UKCISA's Advice Lines closed on18 December and from 24 December to 4 January.
16/12/2015 09:00:00

Members' access to website

Problems for some members accessing the password-protected areas of our site.
15/12/2015 12:19:00

Student Support consultation-England ['Tigere']

BIS are consulting on changes to the English Student Support regulations arising from the 'Tigere' judgment in the Supreme Court.
07/12/2015 12:08:00

New Tier 4 policy guidance

New Tier 4 policy guidance published by the Home Office
17/11/2015 12:09:00

Update: 12 Nov changes to Immigration Rules

Update on 12 November changes to the Immigration Rules
12/11/2015 11:52:00

Confusion regarding 12 Nov changes to Immigration Rules

UKCISA urgently investigating current situation regarding today's scheduled changes
12/11/2015 10:32:00

Shakespeare Lives!

Become part of the British Council’s Shakespeare Lives programme - share your expertise at their talks around the globe.
10/11/2015 12:06:00

Education UK Alumni Awards 2016

Final call for outstanding alumni from UK universities! – deadline Sunday 8 Nov
04/11/2015 10:37:00

England HE fees: eligibility for new group

BIS confirms those qualifying under interim Student Support measures can also be eligible for 'home' fees
28/09/2015 16:57:00

Immigration Bill 2015-16

New area of our website with details of Immigration Bill will be updated as Bill passes through Parliament
24/09/2015 12:21:00

England Student Support: 'Tigere' interim policy

BIS introduces interim Student Support policy measures for some under-26 year olds as the result of the 'Tigere' case
17/09/2015 15:13:00

Police Registration for students in London - new procedures

Students in London registering with the police must first complete and download a free from OVRO
10/09/2015 12:07:00

Chevening scholarships now open for 2016/17

Apply now for a Chevening scholarship for study in 2016/17
06/08/2015 09:26:00

New UKCISA President - influential voice for international students

UKCISA recently announced that Lord Karan Bilimoria had taken over as President of the organisation.
05/08/2015 09:56:00

Immigration health charge problems

For you if you made a Tier 4 application in the UK between 5-7 July and couldn't pay the health charge
22/07/2015 16:01:00

Updated information for Tier 4 applicants

Important changes to be aware of if you're applying for a Tier 4 visa on or after 3 August 2015
20/07/2015 10:06:00

New International Student Calculator

We've updated and revised our free online tool to help international students manage their money while studying in the UK.
16/07/2015 14:16:00

Changes to the Immigration Rules affecting students

Our summary of student-related immigration changes, following the Government's announcements this week
15/07/2015 16:47:00

NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards 2015

Winners of the 2015 NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards announced!
07/07/2015 09:23:00

Replacing a 30-day vignette

How to apply for a replacement 30-day vignette if you are not able to travel to the UK before yours expires
30/06/2015 14:03:00

Making a Tier 4 application on 4 July 2015

Updated information for students making a Tier 4 application in the UK or overseas on 4 July 2015
29/06/2015 16:16:00

UKCISA web info on free hospital treatment

The UKCISA website now contains separate pages dealing with free hospital treatment in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
23/06/2015 12:52:00

Latest immigration statistics on work

Immigration statistics for 2014 show slight increase in international students staying in UK for work
18/06/2015 16:02:00

Preparing to return home

Read our guide for international students preparing to return home after studying in the UK.
11/06/2015 12:38:00

Family members of EEA students

Home Office guidance - transitional provisions on Comprehensive Sickness Insurance for family of EEA students
03/06/2015 16:50:00

IELTS tests taken between 6 April and 22 April 2015

IELTS tests taken between 6-22 April 2015 can be used as SELTs until 6 November 2015
01/06/2015 10:22:00

Police registration

Updated information about police registration
28/05/2015 15:56:00

Information on short-term student route

The UKCISA website now includes information for people who want to use the new short-term student route to come to the UK.
08/05/2015 21:17:00

A-Z guide to cricket for international students

Find out what a 'googly' is in our introduction to the weird and wonderful world of cricket for international students in the UK.
08/05/2015 14:00:00


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