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6 April 2012 - 2 August 2015

First check whether you are allowed to work - see Can you work?  If you are permitted to work, you are restricted to working a maximum number of hours a week in term time. Maximum workin...
09/08/2017 16:26:00

Applying for entry clearance

Your application must include: The completed application form. In every country apart from North Korea, you have to fill this in online. You will be asked your 'reason for visit'. Cho...
09/08/2017 15:48:00

Living with non-students

If you live with adults who are not students, there will be a bill for the dwelling. You cannot be held jointly liable to pay the bill, for example, if you are a joint tenant with the non-student(s)....
09/08/2017 12:06:00

Student exemption

09/08/2017 10:55:00

Making a Tier 4 (General) application in UK

You may need to make a Tier 4 application while you are in the UK because: you are progressing to a new course of study you need more time because of re-sits or repeating part of your cour...
07/08/2017 12:04:00

What you need to declare

If you are travelling to the UK from a country outside the European Union and are carrying the equivalent of 10,000 euros or more in any currency (in cash, banker's draft or cheque of any kind) you wi...
03/08/2017 16:29:00

Good practice

03/08/2017 14:43:00

Voluntarily adopted and children's residence

Lord Scarman in the case of Shah stated that when considering ordinary residence the state of mind of a person is important in two respects. One is that the residence is for a settled purpose. The o...
02/08/2017 19:00:00

Settled purpose and ordinary residence in more than one place

Lord Scarman in the case of Shah held that the mind of the applicant is important in two regards. One is that the residence is voluntarily adopted. The other is that it is for a settled purpose, and ...
02/08/2017 19:00:00

Lawful residence

Lord Scarman, in the House of Lords case of Shah stated that: "Unless, therefore, it can be shown that the statutory framework or the context in which the words are used requires a different meaning...
02/08/2017 18:59:00

Temporarily employed outside the residence area

Both the fees and the Student Support regulations expressly provide that you  are to be treated as ordinarily resident in the relevant residence area if you  would have been ordinarily res...
02/08/2017 17:28:00

5 tips that can help

02/08/2017 16:09:00

Main purpose of residence

For many categories of the fees and Student Support regulations, you have to show not  only that you have been ordinarily resident in a particular area, but also that your main  reason for...
01/08/2017 16:54:00

Studying in the UK, how does it differ from home?

When you get to the UK as an international student, studying may seem very different to studying at home. Depending on what you’re studying, what level you’re studying at and where you&r...
01/08/2017 11:28:00

Personal problems at exam time

If something unexpected happens before or during your exams, for example you become very unwell or have an accident or experience serious family problems, don't ignore it. If you think the illnes...
01/08/2017 11:27:00


Exams can be really stressful for all students to cope with. You can eliminate this stress a little by ensuring you know the layout of the exam, what topics could be featured, how long you have to tak...
01/08/2017 11:26:00

What is a TV licence and do I need one?

In the UK, you need to be covered by a TV Licence to: a) watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, and b) download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. This could be on any device, in...
31/07/2017 13:43:00

A model of culture shock

The process of culture shock can be illustrated by a model known as the “W” curve. This may not relate entirely to your experience. Sometimes the process is faster or slower but it can be ...
31/07/2017 11:20:00

I already have a Tier 4 visa that is still valid. Do I really need to apply again?

If you have a valid Tier 4 (General) visa, whether you can use this to return to the UK depends on a number of factors.  Whether you are returning to study at a new institution or are returning t...
18/07/2017 17:04:00

Making a Tier 4 (General) application outside the UK

This information is based on the Immigration Rules, and on the policy guidance and application forms issued by the Home Office for Tier 4 (General) applications. We update it as soon as possible af...
18/07/2017 11:27:00

Preparing your application

If you want to come to the UK to study, you need to apply to the UK immigration authorities under Tier 4 of the Points Based System (PBS). You must meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules which...
18/07/2017 10:43:00


Your Tier 4 application must normally include your valid passport and all the documents listed in the application forms and guidance. Unlike many other countries the UK doesn't require that a passport...
17/07/2017 16:09:00


There are some requirements that you must meet in order to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa.    
17/07/2017 16:06:00

Immigration checks

‘Right to rent’ checks Landlords in England* are required to check their tenants' immigration status before granting a tenancy agreement, to make sure that the tenant has a 'right to ...
06/07/2017 14:04:00

Find out more

For more information about what we do, read our Annual Review for the year 2016-17, and Annual report and summarised accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016. See a full list of ...
05/07/2017 23:45:00

Do I need a visa?

If you are a EEA or Swiss national then you do not need permission to enter the UK or to study here.  See our information on staying in the UK as a EEA or Swiss national student for more informat...
05/07/2017 16:10:00

Home or Overseas fees: the basics

Publicly funded educational institutions normally charge two levels of fee: a lower 'home' fee and a higher 'overseas' fee. Private sector institutions often have only one level of tuition fee,...
04/07/2017 17:11:00

Employment (Tier 2)

There are different subgroups of Tier 2: Tier 2 (General), the provisions of which are summarised here Intra-company transfers (which could apply to you if you are employed by a multi...
21/06/2017 12:50:00

Working after studies

If you are coming to the end of your studies in the UK, you might be considering the possibility of staying on in the UK to work. This section of the website explains some of the schemes that are like...
13/06/2017 10:21:00

Privately rented housing

If your institution does not offer housing, or if you want to look at alternatives, there are a range of options.  
08/06/2017 15:34:00

Going through immigration control

If you arrive at an airport, you pass through immigration control first (before collecting your luggage). There are usually two main queues: one for European Economic Area and Swiss nationals, and one...
23/05/2017 17:08:00

Medical insurance

If you are coming for up to 6 months, look at the page for England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (depending on where you are going to stay in the UK) to see whether you will be entitled to fr...
23/05/2017 16:42:00

Brexit: Impact on student finance

The funding bodies in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, have all given reassurances to EU nationals about continuing student finance eligibility. &nbs...
17/05/2017 11:02:00

Plagiarism warning

This term can vary widely from country to country.  Plagiarism means taking someone else’s ideas or work and presenting it as your own, without acknowledging the original source. This may n...
10/05/2017 17:06:00

Complaints about your institution

In the UK, most organisations have an informal and formal process of resolving complaints.  An informal process might mean talking to someone about something that you are dissatisfied with o...
10/05/2017 16:32:00

Your rights

10/05/2017 16:28:00

Student advice

We hope the information on our student webpages will answer most of your questions. But if you cannot find the information you need you may want to speak to someone for further advice: If y...
08/05/2017 12:22:00

Our services

UKCISA provides support to students and to members.  This area of the website is for students.  Members, external organisations and Press can find more information on the Instituti...
08/05/2017 12:17:00

Brexit: Impact on fee status assessments

The funding bodies in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, have all given reassurances to EU nationals about continuing student finance eligibility in lig...
05/05/2017 09:41:00

Be an innovator Whether you’re looking to develop your innovation skills, you have an idea for a business, or you have an existing business and are looking for it to grow, use t...
27/04/2017 14:40:00

Get ahead in your career

Start your career journey Studying in the UK is the start of an amazing journey that will provide you with knowledge, opportunities and experiences, as well the ...
27/04/2017 14:36:00

Travel in Europe

This section gives you advice about travelling in Europe. The first thing that you need to check is if you need a visa to travel or not.  A number of European countries are part of an agreement ...
27/04/2017 11:56:00


Before driving any vehicle (car, motorbike, van etc) in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), you should check that you meet all of the legal requirements which apply (a)...
27/04/2017 11:55:00

Travel and transport in the UK

The UK is well connected by various forms of transport. Including numerous train lines, airports, cycle paths, underground subways and roads. If you would like to drive while you’re in the UK pl...
27/04/2017 11:55:00

Water in the UK

Drink tap water, be healthy and save money Tap water in UK rates among the best in the world and it's the most popular drink for people when at home in this country. Depending on where you study, you...
27/04/2017 11:53:00

UK traditions and culture

The UK is rich with culture and customs, from historic castles and buildings to beautiful gardens. We've written a short guide for international students in the UK. You could see the changing of the ...
27/04/2017 11:51:00

Choosing your housing

When choosing your housing, get as much information as you can, as early as possible.  Find out what is available. Check the institution website thoroughly and read all the correspondence se...
27/04/2017 11:49:00

Food and drink

Most known for our love of tea, scones and fish and chips in the UK there are a number of food and drink items you should sample while in the UK. These can be found at various markets, shops, cafes ...
21/04/2017 10:58:00

Can you work?

Tier 4 (General) students who are sponsored by a higher education institution (HEI) or by an overseas HEI can work during their studies. Tier 4 sponsors are listed by type of institution in the regi...
18/04/2017 15:19:00


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