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Questionnaire about 'right to rent' checks

If you have been affected by the new 'right to rent' immigration checks then please complete this confidential questionnaire
11/12/2014 15:46:00

International student? You could win £250...

The NUS and the British Council are finding out more about why international students choose the UK.
20/11/2014 12:30:00

One millionth visitor to Prepare for Success!

One million students have visited the Prepare for Success website for free learning resources about studying in the UK.
20/11/2014 11:34:00

Website updates

Information about Tier 4 interviews in the UK; changes to study conditions from 6 November 2014 and replacing a BRP that has been lost or stolen in the UK
06/11/2014 11:56:00

Accommodation and immigration checks

Information about the immigration checks that landlords are required to carry out in certain areas of the UK from 1 December 2014.
03/11/2014 15:37:00

Update: Tier 4 sponsor licence problems

Removal of CAS restrictions for two universities, and full revocation for many private colleges.
23/10/2014 11:44:00

Removal of appeal rights for Tier 4 students and their dependants

Appeal rights replaced by system of administrative review for some applicants from 20 October 2014
16/10/2014 16:19:00

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

How are you settling in? And what's it got to do with Chris Martin from Coldplay?
16/10/2014 14:35:00

Advice Line will be closed on Friday 24 October 2014

The Advice Line will be closed on Friday, 24 October 2014.
15/10/2014 14:38:00

Call for education journal papers

£500 prize for students & staff partnership projects, journal co-funded by JISC and University of Greenwich
08/10/2014 09:00:00

British-Irish visit visa

New joint British-Irish visit visa for Chinese and Indian nationals from end October.
06/10/2014 15:03:00

Go International website launched

Go International website launched - information for students in UK to study abroad
11/09/2014 09:40:00

New international student blog

Coming to the UK? Read our blog.
05/09/2014 14:05:00

Report reveals strong public support for international students

New British Future and Universities UK report reveals strong public support for international students.
27/08/2014 16:20:00

Police registration: London office relocation

London's OVRO will be at new premises from 1 September 2014.
26/08/2014 11:56:00

EEA students - get your EHIC before you travel

EEA national student? Make sure you get your European health insurance card before you travel to the UK
19/08/2014 11:47:00

New safety guides for international students

New safety guides for international students from the British Council.
07/08/2014 12:16:00

New Tier 4 Policy Guidance (08/14)

New guidance from 1 August 2014. Amendments to Annex 7, re. SELT provision.
07/08/2014 10:12:00

Temporary closure of visa application centre in Libya

Details of alternative arrangements for Libyan residents to submit UK visa applications in Tunisia
22/07/2014 16:25:00

Tier 4 policy guidance (07/14) amended 15 July

Tier 4 policy guidance updated 15 July to correct most errors in maintenance figures
16/07/2014 09:24:00

Immigration Act 2014 comes into force

Many sections of the Immigration Act come into force; NHS plans for immigration health charge
14/07/2014 15:50:00

Tier 4 sponsor licence problems: information for students

Tier 4 sponsor licence problems at 57 colleges and 3 universities: information for students
11/07/2014 16:59:00

Important reminder for Tier 4 students arriving in UK

Tier 4 students should bring certain documents in their hand luggage, for showing on arrival at the border.
10/07/2014 14:36:00

Changes to Entrepreneur and other Rules

Restrictions on Entrepreneur applications from students from tomorrow and other immigration changes
10/07/2014 14:11:00

Amended Tier 4 policy guidance (07/14)

Policy guidance updated on 9 or 10 July, though still says 1 July. Funds are higher; Annex 7 has changed
10/07/2014 09:59:00

England FE: Advanced Learning Loans consultation

BIS consulting on the future of FE loans in England.
08/07/2014 15:12:00

Visa appointment delays in Russia: Home Office response

Home Office response following concerns raised about delays in Russia.
16/06/2014 13:37:00

ETS update: Immigration Rules change and transitional provisions

Home Office announces changes clarifying acceptable use of TOEIC/TOEFL English language tests provided by ETS
11/06/2014 17:10:00

Students' experiences: video stories

Videos, commissioned by University of Sheffield, in association with the Home Office, British Council and UUK, now hosted on our website.
04/06/2014 16:42:00

Starting a job?

Starting a job on or after 16 May? You must provide your employer with your term dates
21/05/2014 10:47:00

NUS Internationalisation awards 2014

Recognition of great work supporting students with NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards
19/05/2014 09:55:00

NUS Internationalisation Awards

Congratulations to NUS Internationalisation Award winners!
15/05/2014 13:38:00

Commonwealth Games Game Changer Awards

Game Changer Awards - winners announced!
10/04/2014 10:51:00

UCAS guidance material on studying in the UK - in 12 languages

UCAS produces guidance material for those planning on studying in the UK.
09/04/2014 12:50:00

Changes to work rules in April

Some work categories change on 6 April. The biggest changes are to the Graduate Entrepreneur rules.
17/03/2014 15:32:00

Changes to the immigration rules, March to July 2014

Immigration rule changes in March, April, May, July 2014 will affect Tier 4 applicants and their dependants
14/03/2014 16:41:00

MAC report on Tier 1 (Investor)

Migration Advisory Committee report on Tier 1 (Investor)
25/02/2014 16:02:00

UKCISA President supports international students in House of Lords

Read the full speech from the debate.
13/02/2014 11:19:00

International Student Safety Survey

Complete this survey by 28 March and be in with the chance of winning £100 in Amazon vouchers
13/02/2014 09:28:00

New immigration fees from 6 April 2014

New immigration fees and application forms from 6 April 2014.
04/02/2014 09:18:00

Photography competition for international students

Are you an international student in the UK? Do you have a talent for photography? Education UK are running a competition looking at what UK student life has to offer.
31/01/2014 14:34:00

TB screening in more countries from 31 December - Amendment

TB screening extended from 31 December including China, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Nigeria
18/12/2013 11:59:00

UKCISA's Advice Line for students: closure over Christmas break

UKCISA Advice Line closed: 24 December to 1 January (inclusive)
11/12/2013 10:49:00

ATAS closure between 20 December 2013 and 3 January 2014

No ATAS applications between 20 December 2013 and 3 January 2014. Earlier applications delayed.
09/12/2013 15:52:00

New Immigration Rules

Visa waivers for some from 1 January. More generous rules for graduate entrepreneurs endorsed by UKTI
09/12/2013 14:30:00

New film on applying for a Tier 4 visa

Video showing Indian students on their visa application journey.
28/11/2013 15:11:00

New Immigration Rules from 1 December 2013

TB testing in Afghanistan and small changes to the child visitor requirements.
12/11/2013 11:07:00

UKCISA stands up for international students

UKCISA Chief Executive's letter arguing for simpler post-study work rules appears in Times Higher Education
08/11/2013 16:13:00

New graduate entrepreneur programme

The Sirius Programme sponsors small teams of graduate entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the UK.
06/11/2013 11:12:00

Immigration Bill and health charges

The Government has published more information about the proposed health charge and the Immigration Bill has had its second reading. We still need your help.
24/10/2013 11:54:00


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