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Police registration for students in London

Special interim arrangements for registration with the police have been made for students in London during the 2013 autumn term.
11/09/2013 12:47:00

Police registration

Updated information about police registration
28/05/2015 15:56:00

Planning your housing

When you are planning your housing be clear what the options are be clear what you want, what you need, what you can afford and what you would be prepared to compromise on secure...
10/09/2017 23:02:00

Plan your journey

Check the information from your college or university for details about how to get there, including any transport arranged by your institution. Carry this information in your hand luggage. ...
22/01/2016 16:58:00

Plagiarism warning

This term can vary widely from country to country.  Plagiarism means taking someone else’s ideas or work and presenting it as your own, without acknowledging the original source. This may n...
10/05/2017 17:06:00

Photography competition for international students

Are you an international student in the UK? Do you have a talent for photography? Education UK are running a competition looking at what UK student life has to offer.
31/01/2014 14:34:00

Photo competition – our winners!

We received more than 150 fantastic entries from students and colleagues all over the UK.
09/11/2017 10:15:00

PGT student? Take part in a cross-cultural study

The study will explore why PGT students may choose to seek help or avoid seeking help when they have academic problems.
26/10/2017 09:10:00

Personal Problems at exam time - important advice for students

Don't ignore illness at exam time - tell your institution!
10/05/2017 17:20:00

Personal problems at exam time

If something unexpected happens before or during your exams, for example you become very unwell or have an accident or experience serious family problems, don't ignore it. If you think the illnes...
01/08/2017 11:27:00

Paul Webley Award for Innovation in International Education

Sheffield Hallam University is the first winner of UKCISA’s Professor Paul Webley Award for Innovation in International Education.
29/06/2016 16:09:00

Paid Student Internship in Communications at UKCISA

Internship opportunity at UKCISA - applications open!
19/05/2016 17:00:00

Our services

UKCISA provides support to students and to members.  This area of the website is for students.  Members, external organisations and Press can find more information on the Instituti...
08/05/2017 12:17:00

Our president Lord Bilimoria in PIE News

He spoke to PIE about Brexit, the role of the APPG for international students and post-study work visas
13/06/2016 13:46:00

Our codes

All our members subscribe to the UKCISA Code of Practice  This outlines the values and practices of what we expect from our members and references other relevant codes. The UKCISA Code of Ethics...
05/01/2017 14:52:00

Our aims

To increase support for international education and raise awareness of its values and benefits. To promote greater student mobility and reduce obstacles and barriers to it. To encourag...
21/01/2016 16:21:00

Other types of immigration permission

If you are in the UK with some other immigration status, check what your passport sticker or any other documents issued by the Home Office say about employment. You can usually work without restrictio...
18/09/2015 10:42:00

Ordinary residence case law

Many of the provisions of the fees and Student Support (student finance) regulations require ordinary residence in the UK and Islands, or in the EEA, Switzerland, overseas territories and/or Turkey....
09/08/2016 14:45:00

Options when a sabbatical officer post ends

Your options when your sabbatical officer post ends depend on whether you need to complete your course, and whether you want to undertake further study or find work in the UK or elsewhere. Finish...
09/08/2017 17:23:00

Opening a bank account

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing, and opening, a bank account or building society account as an international student in the UK. We cannot advise you on which account, a...
06/10/2017 17:04:00

One millionth visitor to Prepare for Success!

One million students have visited the Prepare for Success website for free learning resources about studying in the UK.
20/11/2014 11:34:00

On the road

In addition to having current valid road tax, insurance and a driving licence, you must: drive on the left-hand side of the road and overtake on the right-hand side; wear a crash-helmet ...
02/06/2016 17:08:00

NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards 2015

Winners of the 2015 NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards announced!
07/07/2015 09:23:00

NUS Internationalisation Awards shortlist announced

Take a look at the NUS Internationalisation Award shortlist by category.
22/06/2016 10:56:00

NUS Internationalisation awards 2014

Recognition of great work supporting students with NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards
19/05/2014 09:55:00

NUS Internationalisation Awards

Congratulations to NUS Internationalisation Award winners!
15/05/2014 13:38:00

NUS calling for postgraduate students from USA who currently study at a UK university to help with research

NUS want to understand more about the different routes and pathways that leads American students to a postgraduate course in the UK and what sorts of information they looked for to undertake the cours...
06/10/2016 09:26:00

NUS calling for postgraduate students from USA to take part in online survey

If you're an American postgraduate student in the UK you can take part in this online survey and enter a prize draw to win £300.
28/11/2016 16:45:00

Northern Ireland: fee status

Publicly funded educational institutions normally charge two levels of fee: a lower 'home' fee and a higher 'overseas' fee. Private sector institutions often have only one level of tuition fee, whic...
26/05/2016 14:12:00

Northern Ireland

09/03/2017 12:33:00

Nominations for 2016 NUS Internationalisation Awards are now open!

We’re very pleased to be sponsoring the NUS Internationalisation Awards again this year. Find out about categories and how to enter.
11/05/2016 10:26:00

NHS Debt and Immigration

Since October 2011, the immigration rules have included provisions to refuse immigration applications by some people, if they have an outstanding unpaid invoice for NHS treatment. See our information...
24/09/2015 14:40:00

NHS bursaries

Admission on a NHS-funded course (for example, Nursing or Midwifery) can depend very much on whether you will be granted a NHS Bursary. The requirements are similar to the general Student Support...
17/08/2016 11:15:00

Next steps

This section explains your options if you stop studying at your sponsor institution because it has a problem with its Tier 4 licence or has closed. It is very important that the Home Office has your ...
16/08/2017 10:53:00


23/09/2016 10:50:00

New visa services

Students in China can apply for a faster visa service, and improvements to application processes in Asia
20/01/2015 15:46:00

New UKCISA President - influential voice for international students

UKCISA recently announced that Lord Karan Bilimoria had taken over as President of the organisation.
05/08/2015 09:56:00

New Tier 4 Policy Guidance (08/14)

New guidance from 1 August 2014. Amendments to Annex 7, re. SELT provision.
07/08/2014 10:12:00

New Tier 4 policy guidance

New Tier 4 policy guidance published by the Home Office
17/11/2015 12:09:00

New Tier 4 application form for use in the UK

New application form from 28 January 2016
21/01/2016 16:42:00

New student advice line number

The phone number for our student advice line has changed.
25/06/2013 15:41:00

New safety guides for international students

New safety guides for international students from the British Council.
07/08/2014 12:16:00

New report shows benefits of student mobility

UK Higher Education International Unit’s report shows benefits of student mobility, including higher average salaries and increased likelihood of achieving a First Class or Upper Second Class degree.
05/02/2016 14:46:00

New PBS dependants policy guidance

New PBS dependants policy guidance for January 2017 - no real changes
05/01/2017 10:38:00

New 'long residence' (Tigere) category for Scottish fees and Student Support regulations

New 'long residence' (Tigere) provision in Scottish fees and Student Support regulations from 2017-18 academic year with interim provision for the current academic year.
16/12/2016 16:22:00

New International Student Calculator

We've updated and revised our free online tool to help international students manage their money while studying in the UK.
16/07/2015 14:16:00

New international student blog

Coming to the UK? Read our blog.
05/09/2014 14:05:00

New Immigration Rules from 1 October 2013

New Rules for visitors, Tier 4 students and dependants come into force on 1 October.
09/09/2013 09:33:00

New Immigration Rules from 1 December 2013

TB testing in Afghanistan and small changes to the child visitor requirements.
12/11/2013 11:07:00


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