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Prospective international undergraduates: some useful tips about your personal statement

UCAS has published a list of the top 10 opening lines used in personal statements & suggested avoiding them to make your statement stand out
26/04/2016 10:42:00

Where, when and how to apply

25/04/2016 17:12:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some of our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here or elsewhere on the website, please call our advice line for students or for members. ...
22/04/2016 13:04:00

Register to vote in UK elections by 18 April

As you probably know, there are a number of elections taking place in the UK this year. Find out if you're eligible to vote!
14/04/2016 15:45:00

Delays in producing Biometric Residence Permits

Reported delays in the production of BRPs affecting collection from the Post Office.
14/04/2016 14:42:00

Tier 2 - no changes for international students

Good news for Tier 4 students who want to stay in the UK as Tier 2 employees
24/03/2016 15:12:00

International Students feel safe: British Council international student safety survey

British Council Student Safety Report 2015-16 now available!
24/03/2016 12:24:00

Upper Tribunal decision in ETS case

Summary judgment in ETS case; students' appeals allowed
24/03/2016 11:25:00

Tier 4 priority service for applications in the UK

The priority service for Tier 4 applications made in the UK is now available to all Tier 4 applicants
23/03/2016 17:12:00

Announcement soon on England 'Tigere' policy

BIS expects new policy to be confirmed in May
23/03/2016 17:00:00

Immigration skills charge

Exemption from Tier 2 immigration skills charge for PhD level jobs and students switching from Tier 4
23/03/2016 16:54:00

Postgraduate Loans in England

New 2016/17 source of PG funding for study in UK. UKCISA waiting for full eligibility criteria details.
23/03/2016 16:16:00

Best UK universities for student experience

Wondering where to study in the UK? The Times Higher Education survey has revealed the best universities in the UK for student experience.
21/03/2016 12:25:00

Event for Student Services leaders on 29 April

“Aim higher: developing as a Student Services leader” takes place on 29 April 2016 in Leeds.
18/03/2016 14:19:00

How to apply

18/03/2016 10:27:00

6 April changes to the Immigration Rules

On 11 March the Home Office announced a number of changes to the Immigration Rules which take effect from 6 April 2016. Read our summary of the changes that will affect students.
16/03/2016 15:52:00


10/03/2016 12:19:00

Reverse Culture Shock

Before you came to the UK, you probably expected that you would need time to get used to the language, the different foods, the weather and new ways of doing things. Many students are surprised to ...
07/03/2016 14:16:00

Travel and shipping home

Travel To get the cheapest tickets, you have to book early, at least several weeks in advance. You can often find very cheap tickets on the internet, on the websites of either travel companies or the...
07/03/2016 12:28:00

Concession for Syrian nationals extended

Concession for Syrian nationals applying for leave in the UK extended to 28 February 2017
02/03/2016 16:29:00

Living cost support changes for EU nationals

2016/17 changes to eligibility for living cost support for non-UK EU nationals from Student Finance England
02/03/2016 10:56:00

Government response to Select Committee report on Tier 2

Government responds to Home Affairs Select Committee report on immigration and skills shortages
02/03/2016 10:01:00

Summary of Tier 4 developments

New summary of Tier 4, past, present and future
01/03/2016 12:49:00

New immigration fees from 18 March 2016

Increased application fees will apply to applications made on or after 18 March 2016.
26/02/2016 17:23:00

Tier 4 application form and new application method

The Home Office have stopped access to the old Tier 4 application form used in the UK
26/02/2016 16:00:00

The case of Shah

Extracts from the case of Shah v London Borough of Barnet [1983] 1 All ER 226 This is the key  case in relation to the meaning of ordinary residence and it is often quoted in other cases. ...
25/02/2016 16:05:00

Going home

In the months before your course finishes, as well as being busy with your examinations, thesis or dissertation, you will also be thinking about what to do next. Like many students, you might be looki...
25/02/2016 12:39:00

Finding work

You can find advertisements for jobs in your local newspapers, in shops, on notice boards around your university or college, in the careers service or your Students' Union. There are many job search w...
25/02/2016 12:07:00

Employer obligations

UK employers have a number of legal duties towards their employees. These include: anti-discrimination measures health and safety requirements the obligation to pay the minimum wage ...
25/02/2016 11:55:00

Income tax, National Insurance

You will have to pay income tax if you earn more than a specified personal allowance in any tax year. You can find out more about personal allowances and income tax rates from Her Majesty's Revenue an...
25/02/2016 11:48:00

Studying music or dance at degree-level

If you are studying music or dance at degree-level, you are allowed to undertake a work placement that involves professional performance, as an exception to the general prohibition on work as an ent...
25/02/2016 11:36:00

Definitions: for fee status assessment

This section has explanations about words and terms which occur in our information on Home or Overseas fees? and Student support. These explanations should not be read in isolation but, inst...
23/02/2016 15:43:00

Courses at further education (FE) institutions

This information explains the conditions you need to meet to be entitled to pay tuition fees at the 'home' rate if you are studying any course at a FE institution in Northern Ireland. This includ...
23/02/2016 15:02:00

Higher education (HE) courses at HE institutions

This information explains the conditions you need to meet to be entitled to pay tuition fees at the 'home' rate for study at a HE institution in Northern Ireland. Information is based on the N...
23/02/2016 15:01:00

Further Education

This information primarily explains the conditions you need to meet to be entitled to pay tuition fees at the ‘home’ rate on courses of further education (FE) in Scotland. The Sc...
23/02/2016 14:29:00

BBC reports that LSBF students have demanded refunds

BBC News has reported that international students have asked the London School of Business and Finance for their money back.
22/02/2016 13:25:00

Share your feedback about our new students' site

Our new students' site has now launched. Please fill in our short survey and tell us what you think of it!
18/02/2016 12:30:00

Scotland fees and Student Support for Syrian nationals

Regulations make new fees and Student Support provision in Scotland for Syrians, and family, from 2016/17
11/02/2016 11:10:00

Warning: work visa scams

Warning following recent reports of scams involving bogus work visas
09/02/2016 16:42:00

Immigration health charge changes from 6 April 2016

Exemption from health charge removed for Australians and New Zealanders from 6 April; Youth Mobility pay less
08/02/2016 10:35:00

New report shows benefits of student mobility

UK Higher Education International Unit’s report shows benefits of student mobility, including higher average salaries and increased likelihood of achieving a First Class or Upper Second Class degree.
05/02/2016 14:46:00

Family members visiting you

A member of your family may wish to come to the UK for a short visit.  This may be because, for example: they are your child but are already over 18, your parent, your brother or sister,&n...
04/02/2016 14:44:00

Schooling for your children

If your children are aged between 5 and 16, they can attend government primary and secondary schools in the UK, as long as they are here as your dependants. You will not have to pay for this. However,...
04/02/2016 14:43:00

England FE fees: new SFA funding rules 2016/17

SFA publish new funding rules for 2016/17. UKCISA looking at changes. SFA hosting online forum until 12 Feb.
01/02/2016 16:39:00

Test page layer1

This is the second version of the test page. 
29/01/2016 16:21:00

Safe travel

Be aware of things to avoid to stay safe.  There are tips on staying safe at: Go Europe Lonely Planet Before you travel, make a paper copy and photograph of your passport, your stud...
25/01/2016 16:57:00

Further information

For more information, please see the Frauds, Tricks and Scams webpage at Whenever you receive a telephone call from someone who you do not know, remember that it could be a scam. Crimin...
25/01/2016 14:11:00

How to respond

If you receive such a call (or a similar contact by any other means, for example email or text) we advise as follows: Do not give the caller/sender any personal information, and do not confirm ...
25/01/2016 14:00:00

Lecture notes

When you attend lectures, you will need to take notes. Remember: you don’t need to write down everything the lecturer says: concentrate on the main points and important details mos...
25/01/2016 11:47:00


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