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Arriving by air

Most international flights to London arrive at Gatwick or Heathrow airport, but some flights, especially from continental Europe, may arrive at Luton or Stansted. Depending on your final des...
24/06/2016 16:37:00

Paul Webley Award for Innovation in International Education

Sheffield Hallam University is the first winner of UKCISA’s Professor Paul Webley Award for Innovation in International Education.
29/06/2016 16:09:00

Winners of NUS Internationalisation Awards announced

Mostafa Rajaai, International Students’ Officer at NUS presented winners and highly commended institutions with trophies and certificates.
04/07/2016 16:45:00

Renewed support for the sector at UKCISA conference 2016

Representatives of UK universities, further education, student’s unions, pathway colleges and schools gathered for our conference.
05/07/2016 15:19:00

SFA reinstates 2015/16 provisions for 2016/17

SFA reinstates 2015/16 provisions for 2016/17. On 1 July, SFA published v3 of its 'Funding Rules 2016/17'.
05/07/2016 17:19:00

British Council launches 2017 awards to celebrate outstanding achievements of alumni

Start planning your entries for the awards which open on 7 September 2016
07/07/2016 10:13:00

Big welcome to our international student intern!

We’ve recently recruited a new communications intern at UKCISA to help us work more closely with international students and students’ unions.
07/07/2016 15:01:00

London BRP collection: Oxford Street post office

Change of BRP collection point in central London due to post office closure
11/07/2016 13:44:00

Under eighteens

If you are less than 16 years old, you can apply for permission to study at an Independent fee-paying school, but you must apply as a Tier 4 (Child) student, not under Tier 4 (General). Ask your schoo...
18/07/2016 15:50:00

Where can I study with a Tier 4 visa?

As a Tier 4 (General) student, you can study at any school, college or university which has been granted a Tier 4 (General) sponsor licence by the Home Office. Only institutions with a Tier 4 sponsor ...
18/07/2016 16:49:00

Home Affairs Committee activities

Report on the work of the Immigration Directorates; oral evidence on English language testing
28/07/2016 09:44:00

SFE guidance on the long residence category

Updated SFE guidance includes assessment of eligibility for student finance under the long residence category
28/07/2016 14:53:00

Syrian students affected by academic progress

Concession for Syrians extended to cover academic progress
29/07/2016 10:10:00

Right to rent surveys

JCWI right to rent surveys for tenants and landlords - how is the scheme working for you?
01/08/2016 10:17:00

Clarification on Tier 4 pilot scheme

It has been reported that the UK Government has re-introduced a post-study work scheme for graduates of some universities. Unfortunately this is not the case.
01/08/2016 11:08:00


All EEA and Swiss national students can work in the UK. You can work during or after studies. However if you are a national of Croatia you may be subject to the 'Worker Authorisation Scheme'...
01/08/2016 11:39:00

Calculating living costs

The Home Office has confirmed the correct way to calculate living costs for Tier 4 applications
03/08/2016 11:24:00

Unexpected financial hardship

UKCISA is not a funding organisation and we do not give grants or scholarships. This information is aimed at international students who are not European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationals, ...
03/08/2016 14:45:00

Speak to your university or college

Worrying about money problems can have a very negative effect on your studies. You should tell your institution that you are having difficulties. The first step is to explain your problem to someone. ...
03/08/2016 16:34:00

Schengen visas

08/08/2016 15:12:00

Ordinary residence case law

Many of the provisions of the fees and Student Support (student finance) regulations require ordinary residence in the UK and Islands, or in the EEA, Switzerland, overseas territories and/or Turkey....
09/08/2016 14:45:00

Claiming welfare benefits or working

This information is specifically aimed at you if you have entered the UK under the Tier 4, or Student, Immigration Rules. #Toggle1#
15/08/2016 14:46:00

Scholarships and funding your studies

UKCISA is not a funding organisation and we do not give grants or scholarships.  This page provides you with introductory information on funding your studies. We have also provided you...
15/08/2016 15:09:00

Welfare Benefits

Welfare benefits are payments given by the government to certain people on low incomes, or to meet specific needs. If you have Tier 4 leave (or any other leave with the condition stating &lsqu...
16/08/2016 12:19:00


Government Student Support provision exists in each of the four UK countries, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The rules about eligibility for Student Support are broadly similar in eac...
17/08/2016 11:04:00

NHS bursaries

Admission on a NHS-funded course (for example, Nursing or Midwifery) can depend very much on whether you will be granted a NHS Bursary. The requirements are similar to the general Student Support...
17/08/2016 11:15:00

Applying in England: Basics

17/08/2016 11:43:00

Sponsor removed from Tier 4 register

The Home Office can remove an institution from the register of Tier 4 sponsors while it is investigating concerns about it. The result of the investigation will be either that the institution is retur...
24/08/2016 14:57:00

Government Student Support

Student Support is the name given to financial support provided by the Government to eligible students in the UK. Student Support is not considered as one of the 'public funds', as defined in the Imm...
25/08/2016 16:22:00

Warning: scam affecting international students

This has been happening for a number of years but we've just been told about a recent case.
01/09/2016 09:32:00

Students: Don’t be late for class! Apply for your visa early

New campaign launched by UKVI with top tips for international students wishing to come to the UK
01/09/2016 09:51:00

Brexit is no reason to retreat from internationalism

We are still international: a blog by Abdi-Aziz Suleiman, former president of the University of Sheffield Students' Union
01/09/2016 13:49:00

Awards for postgraduate study

This section gives you information about the funding available if you are studying in the UK as a postgraduate student.   Loans  If you normally live in England, and you are studying anyw...
06/09/2016 16:53:00

Register with a GP

When you arrive in the UK you should register with a local doctor as soon as you can. Do not wait until you are ill. Click on the information below to find out how to do this. #Toggle1#
07/09/2016 16:40:00

What causes culture shock?

"Culture shock" describes the impact of moving from a familiar culture to one which is unfamiliar. It is an experience described by people who have travelled abroad to work, live or study; it can b...
08/09/2016 10:58:00

Post EU referendum

The UK held a referendum on 23 June 2016 to decide whether it will remain in the European Union. The result of the referendum was that 51.9% of those who voted chose to leave the EU. Curren...
13/09/2016 11:48:00

Institution has closed

An institution that closes is required to notify the Home Office. If the institution has not already lost its Tier 4 sponsor licence, the Home Office will withdraw it with immediate effect. All confir...
14/09/2016 10:50:00

Sponsor fails annual compliance check

When an institution first obtains a Tier 4 licence from the Home Office it will be listed as a 'Probationary Sponsor' on the register of Tier 4 sponsors. After having this status for 12 months the in...
14/09/2016 11:40:00

'So what makes an international student different?'

Careers advice for international students from GradLink UK.
14/09/2016 12:30:00

Sponsor has a zero CAS allocation

The Home Office can decide to stop a Tier 4 sponsor from issuing any confirmations of acceptance for study (CAS), even if the sponsor remains on the register of Tier 4 sponsors.  This is usually ...
14/09/2016 15:53:00

Are you an EEA national?

You are a European Economic Area (EEA) national if you are a citizen of one of the following countries. If you have permanent residence in, but not citizenship of, any of these countries, you are...
19/09/2016 09:23:00

Students: reminder to get vaccinated against meningitis and septicaemia

Public Health England urges young people going to college or university this autumn to get vaccinated against meningitis and septicaemia.
22/09/2016 13:58:00

Recent report argues students undervalue study and work abroad

A recent survey commissioned by Kaplan interviewed 1000 graduates about their views on international study experiences during university.
22/09/2016 15:15:00

Contact Us

International students Our website gives information on lots of topics including visas and immigration, work during and after studies, home or overseas fee status regulations and sources of fun...
23/09/2016 10:47:00

Website terms of use

Terms of Use Copyright The material on our website is copyright to UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). Linking to our site or reproducing material from it - non-members of ...
23/09/2016 10:48:00


23/09/2016 10:50:00

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement If you register with us as a student user, we ask you to provide us with your name and email address to allow us to generate a login for you. We will hold the data securely, i...
23/09/2016 10:53:00


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