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Section 1. Contact & Organisation details

Main contact (primary contact)

Section 2. About your organisation

Please state the nature of your organisation's business and its interest in international students:
You may attach a company brochure or annual report that gives more information on your organisation:
If yes, please give brief details of your business, eg. the countries in which you operate and the types of institutions which you recruit international students for:
In order to consider your application, we require contact details of two referees from UKCISA institutional members for whom you currently act as agents. Please enter contact details for your first referee here:
Please enter contact details of your second referee here:

Immigration advice

authorised to practise by a designated professional body (eg. the Law Society)? Please state which:
registered by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)? Please state your registration number:
exempt from the requirements to register with the OISC (please give details of why):

Membership invoice

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