Warwick / UKCISA Integration Summit 2015: What makes a global student? Wednesday, 6th May

The Integration Summit organised by the University of Warwick, Warwick SU and UKCISA is an excellent event for students, researchers and practitioners interested in promoting greater integration between home and international students.

This year’s Summit theme is ‘What makes a global student?’ Our focus is shifting to the student community as a whole and its potential to be ‘global’. We know that employers the world over are looking for graduates who can communicate effectively across multicultural teams and yet, even when universities and students’ unions are offering more international opportunities than ever before, students struggle to articulate their intercultural competencies, global outlook and skills in ways that are meaningful to employers.

Our workshops this year are grouped into three categories:

  • Succeeding in a Global Job Market: Articulating Intercultural Experiences for Increased Employability
  • Digital Networks – Connecting Students Worldwide, which looks at the increasingly prominent role of digital technology in the global student experience
  • Enhancing Intercultural Competence through Study Abroad and Reflective Learning, which focuses on optimising the rich intercultural learning and skills development that can come from reflecting on immersion in another culture.

For full details see the Warwick / UKCISA Integration Summit Programme

Date and venue:

Wednesday, 6 May 2015, University of Warwick. Registration opens at 10am and the Summit will end at 4.15pm.


  • Cost for Students' Union delegates. A fee of £30.00 for Students' Union representatives and staff members.
  • Cost for University delegates. A fee of £80.00 for University delegates.
  • Special 'Collaborative' Offer. A joint fee of £105.00 for one University delegate and one SU delegate attending together from the same institution.

One of the key aims of this event is to encourage collaboration between institution staff and union officers and staff. We are therefore offering a heavily discounted rate for students' union delegates and a special joint fee for institutional staff attending with a representative from the students' union. For the inclusive rate, both delegates must be named on the registration form (name changes at a later stage are permitted, but must remain as separate representatives from both union and institution).

Bookings are now closed.