2019 List of parallel sessions


Wednesday 3 July

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Conference sessions
Sessions A

A1: Outside our comfort zone - activities and resources to impact on international students’ lives in the UK

A2: Navigating life in the UK without losing yourself in the process: developing psychological and social capital for Chinese direct entry students

A3: Higher education in the hostile environment

A4: "My friend", unfriended

A5: Working in the UK - considering post graduation immigration routes for international students under the current immigration system and looking ahead to the significant 2021 changes.

A6: Using ‘WeChat’ as a social media tool to engage Chinese students - an evaluation of the UKCISA funded project

A7: The good, the bad and the ugly - a review of the white paper on immigration law

A8: Fair and equal access to higher education: reducing barriers to university admissions for forced migrants< (CANCELLED)
  A8: Using social media effectively to engage with your students

A9: Compliance: sticky situations and case studies – what tools can we use to navigate these challenges?

A10: Chevening Scholarships: an insight into monitoring and evaluating the impact of scholarship programmes (CANCELLED)

Thursday 4 July

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Conference sessions
  Sessions BC are 3 hour sessions.  B and C are 1 hour 15. They run at the same time.  So you have to choose between a 3 hour session or 2x 1 hour 15 sessions on Thursday morning.
Parallel sessions BC

BC1/DE1: Stop Press (repeated as DE1)

BC2: EU Settlement Scheme and the rights of EU/ EEA & Swiss nationals (and family members) in the UK post Brexit

BC3: Intercultural training clinic - finding solutions to your presenting and/or training issues

BC4: Coaching techniques for advisers and managers
Sessions B

B1: Working and communicating effectively with Chinese students

B2: Working together to support international students in residences

B3: An inspector calls – a view of Home Office inspections from both sides of the table

B4: The power of presenting: the whys and hows

B5: Taking intercultural training institution-wide

B6: Celebrating the ability in disability: supporting international disabled students to achieve their full potential
Sessions C

C1: Bridging the gap between university ecosystems and international student employability

C2: A practical guide to risk management

C3: Part-time postgrads under Tier 4

C4: Thriving outside your comfort zone

C5: Creating a culture of compliance across an institution: benefits & challenges using case studies
(repeated as F4)

C6: Attendance monitoring: a new era?
Sessions DE

BC1/DE1: Stop Press (repeat of BC1)

DE2: Back to the source: the immigration rules for dependants of students

DE3: The mindful adviser

DE4: Creating opportunities for intercultural connections

DE5: How do I make my international students feel at home?
2-3.15pm Sessions D

D1: International students and their parents - human dilemmas; human solutions

D2: Using identity verification systems to meet UKVI regulatory requirements

D3: Top tips, tactics and strategies to challenge refusals of student visas and case law update

D4: Conflict and confidentiality - is it possible for a university to be truly OISC and UKVI compliant?
  D5: Understanding Tier 4 Compliance from an FE Perspective
3.45-5pm Sessions E

E1: Helping students to help themselves

E2: Leeds University Union: how to enhance the student experience with a ‘Global Community Programme’

E3: Learning from complaints

E4: UKVI update - future borders and immigration system
  E5: What next for international student representation in the UK?

Friday 5 July

You can also view sessions by theme

Conference sessions
Sessions F

F1: Are you OK? Mental health and wellbeing of international doctoral students in the UK: an investigation of supervisors’ understanding and existing support provision

F2: Innovating student ambassador schemes

F3: Safety, security and wellbeing of international students

F4: Creating a culture of compliance across an institution: benefits & challenges using case studies (repeat of C5)

F5: Start-up and Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur route – a journey to success

F6: Supporting placements (CANCELLED)
  F7: "Wow I didn't realise there was so much hostility at Keele". Mapping the experiences of hate crime and online harassment within HE
Sessions G

G1: The dreaded GDPR one year on - lessons learnt? Next challenge: Brexit! data protection for international students

G2: Digital messaging for student wellbeing

G3: Setting realistic KPI's whilst considering the complexity of delivering immigration advice

G4: Meet and greet, Oxford Brookes style

G5: The international student experience: opinions from the student (home and international) and staff perspective

G6: The international student talent pool: finding internships for international students

G7: Student welfare: reflections from Thailand