The Good Practice Guide for Providers using Education Agents

Date:May 2024
Topic(s): Recruitment
Type(s): Good practice guides

In partnership with BUILA, Universities UK International (UUKi) has produced this guide to help optimise the education agent management practice among UK education providers.

The broad scope of information will allow providers new to international recruitment to use it as a step-by-step guide, minimising their risk and embedding resource-efficient processes.

Experienced providers can use the guide to benchmark their existing practices against examples of the very best practice across the sector, enabling them to further enhance and refine their agent management. BUILA, UUKi and the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) all endorse this guide.

The guide is a crucial component of the UK’s Education Agent Partner Quality Assurance Framework, supporting the National Code of Ethical Practice for UK Education Agents 3 and existing assurance practices and policies.