Student employability

Institution Project title Outline of project Year Report 
Canterbury Christ Church University Career Start Canterbury Preparing international students for the global workplace through sustainable ‘job ready’ activities, civic service and professional networking. Involves links with local Rotary Club. 2017-18 Available Nov 2018

Edinburgh College

Highly Commended in our Paul Webley Award 2017

Volunteer for Success Generating year-round volunteering opportunities for FE students with a work prohibition. 2016-17 Read the report
Midlands Universities Developing your Global Career – a week of virtual employability events A series of activities to prepare students for global employment. 2015-16 Read the report
University of Portsmouth Generating international student internship opportunities with local SMEs Internship opportunities linking with local advisers from the Dept of International Trade (UKTI). 2017-18 Available Nov 2018
University of Sheffield Preparing for Placement Developing a cultural toolkit to improve the experience of both international students and placement providers. 2017-18 Available Nov 2018
University of Essex Using Design Thinking to Enhance the International Student Experience and Their Understanding of Employability A series of workshops underpinned by the principles of ‘Design Thinking’ (DT). This applies ideas developed by Stanford University to produce an innovative teaching method applicable to any subject that involves uncertainty, e.g. employability and the overall international student experience. 2017-18 Available Nov 2018