Online Benchmarking Survey 2018

Our benchmarking survey is now closed. Thanks to all institutions who have submitted data. We're beginning our analysis and we'll be releasing early findings at our conference. 

Help us to help you!

The UKCISA benchmarking survey on the provision of support for international students in the UK is now open and has been extended until Monday 23 April 2018.  This anonymous data will help us to assess nationally the scope of current services and will enable us, where relevant, to raise any related issues with to government departments. A link will be sent to all UKCISA primary contacts.  Please support your institution to complete the survey.

‘These are important questions we really need to be asking at this point in time. I encourage all UKCISA members to complete the survey and I am very much looking forward to seeing the results.’

Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of York and Chair of the UKCISA Board.

Why complete this survey now?

We expect the findings will be invaluable to staff at many levels in your organisation in understanding trends and best practice across the sector. The more responses we get the more convincing and influential the results will be. 

  • A similar UKCISA survey last ran in 2011: updated information is now required
  • We have included questions about compliance which many of you have been asking about
  • We have included questions to gauge the provision of support in the UK for European students prior to the UK leaving the EU 
  • The data will provide an opportunity for you to gauge levels of support in the sector which you can use to measure your own level of provision 
  • The data will help inform your decisions on the allocation of resources
  • The data will inform UKCISA’s work in representing issues affecting the sector and in our support for you

6 full conference places FREE!

All institutions who submit a response will be included in a draw and six lucky winners will be offered a complimentary place at the UKCISA annual conference at the University of Edinburgh in June 2018.

Completing the survey

The questions cover the main aspects of international student support:

a. Further and Higher Education with a section on Students’ Unions

b. International student numbers

c. Pre-departure information and support

d. Orientation 

e. Language and Study Skills support

f. Accommodation provision and support

g. Student support

h. Immigration advice and compliance

i. Social activities

j. Student representation and student union activity

k. Finance

l. Employment and Careers support

m. Graduation and return

Take a look at the questions - download the pdf

It is unlikely that one person in your institution will have all the information to complete it.  You can download a pdf of the survey and collect the data before one designated person starts to complete it online. We encourage you to complete the survey in one go, but you can stop part way through, click ‘next’ and your answers will be saved for you to return to later.

Please note that every possible question is listed in the pdf, depending on your answers to certain questions the survey will be shorter.

UKCISA benchmarking survey.pdfPlease complete the survey online. All primary contacts have been emailed a link to Survey Monkey. Please get in touch if you can't find the link!

Dissemination of the findings

We will present the initial findings at the UKCISA conference in June followed by publication of a comprehensive report which will be sent to all primary contacts and will be posted on the UKCISA website.  We aim to use data (anonymously) to raise any issues impacting on the sector with  government departments. The data will also be useful for us in assessing and providing what support you need from us.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about the survey or you'd like to find out who your primary contact is in your institution or you have any problems completing it, please contact us at

Thank you in advance – we very much look forward to hearing from you.