This information is based on the Immigration Rules, and on the policy guidance and application forms issued by the Home Office for Tier 4 (General) applications. We update it as soon as possible after any changes. However, if you have printed this webpage, we advise that you check on our website that it is still the most recent version.

You may need to make a Tier 4 application while you are in the UK. For example, you may need to apply because

you need more time to complete your studies with your current Tier 4 sponsor
you are switching to a new Tier 4 sponsor
you are extending your stay in the UK to work as a Student Union Sabbatical Officer or as a Doctor or Dentist in training, or for the Doctorate Extension Scheme, all of which are done with Tier 4 leave
This section guides you through the eligibility and application process. It is important that you check first that you are eligible to apply and that any time limits on study in the UK do not affect your application.