The Senior Management Team

Dominic Scott, Dominic Scott, Chief Executive

Dominic has been Dominic Scott, Chief Executive since 2004, following 20 years’ experience at the British Council with most of his time spent living and working overseas.  Reporting to UKCISA’s Board of Trustees, he leads UKCISA’s 16 staff and has overall responsibility for policy, strategy, funding and external relations.  He spends much of his time on visa related policy issues and in discussion with government departments and agencies on all aspects of international student policy and the international student experience.

Dominic is Vice Chairman of the British Accreditation Council and a member of the Home Office’s Education Sector Forum, the UCAS International Board, the Outward Mobility Strategy Board and the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Support Group.

In 2000, Dominic was awarded an OBE for services to education and UK links with India.


Duncan Lane, Director of Advice and Training

Duncan joined UKCISA in 1998 with around 20 years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector. He began at the Refugee Council in 1979, specialising in welfare benefits for asylum seekers and refugees generally, and worked on a project with, among others, UKCISA (then called UKCOSA) on provisions for Iranian students in the wake of the Iranian revolution. He later worked at the London Advice Services Alliance as a welfare rights trainer, specialising in the areas of the benefits system affected by immigration, nationality and residence criteria.

Duncan leads the Advice and Training team and oversees UKCISA’s advice, training, liaison and lobbying activities.

Julie Allen, Director of Policy and Services

Julie joined UKCISA in February 2014. She has a long association with the organisation having delivered training for UKCISA and presented regularly at UKCISA annual conferences. She also served for four years on the Board of Trustees and on the Services and Representation committee while working at London School of Economics and Political Science. Before this she worked at Queen Mary, University of London and University of the Arts, London. She has also taught English overseas, including a post at the British Council in Kyoto, Japan.

Julie is responsible for international student policy and support services for members including the annual conference in July. She leads the Policy and Services team who work on the website, publications, communications, and membership and training support.


John Tuck, Bhavesh Kotecha, Director of Finance and Resources

John joined UKCISA in 2010. Before this he was a partner in a large international accountancy firm for 14 years and subsequently held posts as Director of Resources for significant not-for-profit organisations including Oxfam and Universities UK.

John leads the Finance and Resources team and is responsible for supporting UKCISA’s Finance and General Purposes Committee. He has overall responsibility for the management of UKCISA’s finances, staffing matters and premises.