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Last modified: 05 August 2022

Join the Student Ambassador Programme 2022-23

Apply for the programme

Applications are now closed and will re-open in autumn 2022. You can read about this year’s application process on this webpage. 

Live Q&A with current student ambssadors

Watch the recorded Live Q&A below to hear about our Student Ambassadors' experiences on the programme, and pick up their tips and advice for the application.

About the programme

Last modified: 05 November 2021

About the programme

Launched in November 2019, the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme is an education policy and leadership development scheme for exceptional individuals from around the world who are currently studying in the UK. Through this voluntary programme, UKCISA is helping to connect international students to an exciting network of emerging future leaders.

Our vision is to empower international students to be key partners in shaping a quality student experience and leading the #WeAreInternational campaign through influencing policy, so that we can develop an inclusive global student community and create the most global generation together.

#WeAreInternational Student Ambassadors will be equipped with policy knowledge and leadership skills to lead change and influence dialogue through their own lived experiences studying in the UK.

Ambassador activities and responsibilities

Last modified: 22 October 2021

As a member of the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme, you will join the current cohort and lead an award-winning campaign to help the UK deliver a world-class student experience for international students. Together, you will share responsibility as a group to engage voluntarily in the four main areas below.  

Policy Influencing

Learning and Development

Community Outreach

Candidates we are looking for

Last modified: 12 October 2021


Qualities and experience

What do we mean by student representation and influencing policy?

Becoming a #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador

Last modified: 03 November 2021

There are four phases to becoming a member of the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme as outlined below: 

Phase 1 – Completing your online application

Phase 2 – Finalists take part in online interviews

Phase 3 – Joining the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme!

Phase 4 – Long-term involvement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last modified: 28 October 2021

Will I receive a salary on the programme?

How are applications reviewed?

I do not have any policy knowledge or leadership experience, do I still have a chance of being selected?

Do I have to live in the UK at the time of applying?

I just came to the UK this year as a first-year student, can I still apply?

This is my final year and I will graduate in June/July 2022, can I still apply?

Who are the current student ambassadors and when are they going to complete this programme?

I do not meet the age requirement, can I still apply?

I am not available for the online interview on Wednesday 1 December, what do I do?

I have just graduated this autumn 2021, can I apply?

Are there any in-person activities for the programme next year?

What do I need to pay for?

Hear from the current Student Ambassadors

Last modified: 19 October 2021

Watch the recorded Live Q&A below to hear about our Student Ambassadors' experiences on the programme, and pick up their tips and advice for the application.

Simran Mahajan

Claudia Yanez

Anant Rangan

Melody Sequeira

Juan Ramon Candia

Yunyan Li

Nebu George

Daniel Haid

Meet the Student Ambassadors

Last modified: 05 August 2022

Read the student ambassador biographies to find out more about about their interests and ambitions while on the Student Ambassador Programme.