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Medical insurance

Even if  you are entitled to free NHS treatment whilst in the UK, you should consider  taking out insurance which covers other medical-related costs.  An insurance policy may cover, for example:

  • lost fees if you are unable to complete your course;
  • costs of returning home if a relative is ill;
  • costs of a relative visiting you in the UK if you fall ill;
  • cost of returning to your home country for treatment;
  • or in the worst possible situation, returning a body home for burial.

There is often a long wait for NHS treatment, sometimes many months.  An insurance policy which gives you access to private medical care could give you much quicker access to the treatment you need.

If you already have medical insurance in your home country, check whether you can extend it to cover your stay in the UK, as well as looking at options available from UK insurers.

There are obviously lots of different insurance companies offering policies, but relatively few have ones specifically designed for international students. One of the longest established, for instance, is Endsleigh Insurance, which has produced a special health insurance policy for international students and their spouses or civil partners and children in the UK. Details of the policy can be found on the Endsleigh website. Please contact Endsleigh for further details.

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