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Sponsor problems, colleges closing

This section has information for students who are in the UK, and whose Tier 4 sponsor has problems with its licence.  If you are outside the UK and your Tier 4 sponsor has problems with its licence, see Sponsor licence problems

Most students complete their studies in the UK as normal, with no issues around their visa or Tier 4 sponsorship.  However, occasionally a Tier 4 sponsor may have a problem with its licence to sponsor international students.  If a Tier 4 sponsor has its licence revoked, this will affect students currently studying in the UK under their sponsorship.

An institution that has a problem with its Tier 4 licence, or that has other business or operational problems, may close.  This will affect the Tier 4 visa of any current students.

This section explains the implications for you if you have a Tier 4 visa and your institution has problems with its Tier 4 licence.

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